34SP Makes Improvements to Customer Support System

34SP.com Makes Improvements to Customer Support System

34SP.com, a UK-based web hosting provider, announced the deployment of the SmarterTrack customer support software. The firm will be using the application to deliver service via ticketing and live chat to its fast growing base of customers. SmarterTrack offers many great qualities but one of the main reasons 34SP.com elected to use the product was because of its superior flexibility. Unlike many other solutions, this product can deployed in traditional fashion or hosted in an SaaS cloud model.

Stuart Melling, 34SP.com co-founder, said that since adopting the SmarterTrack software, its customer service levels have boosted significantly. Thanks to the live chat feature, the company can ensure super-fast response times and literally solve issues in a matter of seconds compared to what could have taken hours with its former systems. Now able to get a clear view of exactly what the customer is experiencing, Melling is amazed at the level of satisfaction the SmarterTrack support software has prompted.

The SmarterTrack software is loaded with features. Some of the most notable highlights include the following:

  • Ticketing solution – SmarterTrack’s state of the art ticketing facility takes sales, service and support messages and converts them into a powerful, streamlined information distribution system.
  • Live chat – A feature that is increasing in demand, live chat empowers companies to dramatically reduce the number of phone calls, collect important information from prospects and provide quality assistance to more customers.
  • WhosOn – This feature is very useful as it gives online businesses the ability to track customers in real time as they navigate the site. When used effectively, Whoson can accelerate customer service, gather information on visitors and lead to an increase in sales.
  • Portal Interface – The SmartTrack portal interface is designed to be search engine-friendly and acts as the centralized station for all of your communications channels.
  • Web-based Interface – An intuitive web interface provides organizations with accessibility from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Self-help Resources – With self-help tools such as a knowledge base and other forms of documentation, businesses can give customers the ability to find and resolve their own issues.
  • Multi-brand Functionality – The SmarterTools customer support software is designed to support multiple brands within a single company.

Jeff Hardy, VP of Business Operations for SmarterTrack explained that the company is thrilled to see international firms such as 34SP leveraging SmarterTrack as their customer support solution. He commended 34SP for its high level of commitment to customer satisfaction and mentioned how the decision to improve its service department shows what a great solution SmarterTrack makes for the web hosting market.

About SmarterTrack Inc.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, SmarterTools is a company that specializes in management software for the IT Field. Its mail servers, web analytics reporting tools and customer service software products simplify daily IT operations in more than 100 countries.

34SP Recognized by Netcraft

Leading web hosting provider 34SP, recently added another notch to its belt by debuting in Netcraft’s Top 50 Most Reliable Hosting Provider’s Network Performance list. The induction is attributed to the provider’s commitment to ensuring that its customers enjoy the best performance possible.

Netcraft is well known throughout the web hosting industry for measuring and publishing the response times of the top 50 leading hosting company’s servers. The firm’s measurements are made at 15 minute intervals from individual points around the web while the averages are calculated immediately over the following 24-hour period. According to the data compiled by Netcraft, 34SP is currently ranked as 25th amongst the world’s top 50 web hosting providers.

Stuart Melling, 34SP cofounder, stressed the importance of upholding server uptime for their customers in a recent interview. Melling states that 34SP was founded on the core values of high availability and reliability, qualities that enable every individual, developer and small business owner to get the most out of their hosting solution at a reasonable price. 34SP has been able to thrive in the industry by utilizing the best server hardware and software technologies coupled with an expert support staff that works tirelessly to make the customers happy. Now recognized on a global scale by Netcraft for its network reliability, it is clear to see that these investments have paid off.

According to a recent statement, 34SP dramatically enhanced the reliability and overall performance of its network and hosting services by investing in an extensive infrastructure upgrade. This upgrade was powered by the substantial increase in sales for the provider’s hosting solutions, an impressive lineup that features personal hosting, business hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting and add-on products that range from SSL certificates to additional scripting technologies. 34PS has also made significant improvements to its customer service and technical support system. Investments have been recently made toward hiring additional support staff members, upgrading local office and data center hardware, and expanding the customer support operations within the 34SP global headquarters.

The reasoning behind the additional support investments came as the result of an active client survey 34SP conducted early 2009. This survey involved a large number of approximately 15,000 34SP hosting clients with personal, business, VPS and dedicated server accounts. The provider revealed some intriguing statistics from the survey regarding its referral rates. When presented with the question of whether or not they would recommend 34SP’s hosting services, 98% of the clients involved responded with a definite “Yes”. The host points to this finding as confirmation of the positive impact its reliability and quality customer support has on referral rates.

About 34SP.com

34SP offers affordable web hosting solutions geared towards web designers and developers, specializing in both shared and reseller hosting, and domain names. The firm provides industry leading support on top of a money back guarantee to ensure the utmost in satisfaction.

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