How to start an online business: The New System To Launch An Online Business

How to Start an Online Business and Find Success

Learn how to launch a successful online business by doing the right things up front to build a strong foundation that you can scale for years to come.

It’s critical that you build a strong foundation on which to launch your online business. This foundation requires patience and perseverance in selecting and implementing your systems and creating and launching your go-to market strategy.

How to start an online business: The New System To Launch An Online Business

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, setting up an online business involves a lot of work. From picking a product to sell to expanding your internet presence, there’s a wide range of factors to consider. Not to mention, there are countless eCommerce options, from marketing platforms to analytics tools, making the task seem overwhelming.

Thankfully, we at have found a proven method that you can use to start and grow a Launch An Online Business.

So, without further delay, here’s the new system that will help you create, manage, and scale a successful online business!

The New System to Launch an Online Business

The biggest challenge when starting an online business is understanding the problem you’re solving for your customers. Another essential aspect is figuring out how you’ll make money. This is where your business model comes in.

This new system’s business model revolves around the change industry, which focuses on experts, coaches, and consultants.

Unfortunately, most newcomers starting an online business focus on less important things. We’re here to tell you to start by focusing on your offer. If you have a good offer, you’ll make sales within a few days of your initial launch!

Advantages of This Business Model

One of the best things about this business model is that it remains profitable in the long term. As your confidence grows, so will your customer base, and the more offers you have, the more traffic you’ll generate.

You can start implementing this model with as little as $100 to get it up and running. Plus, you’ll begin generating a profit quickly, as the offers you’ll be selling will have very high profit margins (50% — almost 100%).

How to start an online business: The New System To Launch An Online Business

In the long run, you want to feel good about what you’re doing and make your customers happy, receiving great testimonials. With this business model, you’ll be making money while helping people — the best of both worlds!

The Old Way to Launch an Online Business

To understand why our new system works so well, it’s important to first understand the old way and why we believe it’s outdated.

In 2010, when Aurelien Amacker, the founder of, started building his online business, the best strategy was:

  • Build an email list of 1000 subscribers
  • Survey this list to find their biggest problems
  • Create an online course that solves this problem

Although this system worked well in the past, Aurelien soon realized it had several disadvantages:

  • It takes time to build a big enough email list
  • You need to write a sales page
  • The conversion rates are low (1%-5% for a product that is priced less than $200)
  • You need to create an online course
  • The price tags are low, so you will need a lot of customers to make a living out of it.

After using this strategy to generate over €2 million in sales, Aurelien realized it wasn’t the ideal approach and began searching for a better solution.

The New Way to Launch an Online Business (Faster and More Efficient)

Aurelien discovered the flaws in the old system and began developing a new system over the last few years, Using this new method, he was able to scale his business’ monthly income from €30,000 to almost €70,000 in just a few months!

Compared to the old strategy, this new method works much faster.

Here’s how it works:

Create a premium offer ($497 — $997)

There’s no need to create an online course or a sales page — just an offer (a promise of change and a price).

When choosing a price for your product, it’s not about how much time it takes to create it, but about how much it helps your client.

Sell it face-to-face while delivering a ton of value

You’ll be selling face-to-face via Skype, a phone call, or any live interaction.

By selling face-to-face and delivering a lot of value, you’ll get incredibly high conversion rates! Aurelien was able to convert a third of the people he spoke to on the phone for a $6000 coaching program using this method.

You’ll be surprised by how much you learn during these interactions. You won’t need to make hundreds of calls to be good at it; after just a few calls, you’ll have learned so much already.

Build a team to delegate

Once your business is established, start building a team to handle the work for you. This will give you more time and resources to scale your business.

Usually, a large client base is needed to make a living with an online business, but with the new system, you can easily change that. You’ll be able to make a living with just a few clients per month!

How to start an online business: The New System To Launch An Online Business

“This sounds great! Where do I begin?” No worries, we’ve got you covered. In the rest of this post, we’ll provide an in-depth guide that will show you everything about our new system and how you can use it for your business.

After completing these steps, you’ll be equipped with all the tools and knowledge required to start an online business that is bound to succeed!

Are you ready to start your journey to success?

  1. Launch

To succeed, you’ll need to ensure that the foundations of your business are strong by selecting the right niche and making sales from the start.

Pick a Niche: To ensure that you find a profitable niche, you should ask yourself: “Are there already people making money with this niche?” If the answer is yes, then that niche is profitable. If there is no competition in the specific niche you’re considering, it usually means that someone has already tried this route and failed, which is a red flag.

Run Strategy Sessions: After deciding on your niche, it’s time to create an offer. You might be wondering how to create an offer without having an audience. The answer is simple: Run strategy sessions.

  1. Grow

After you’ve confirmed your offer works, it’s time to grow from a business making $2000 per month to one making $ 10,000 per month.

Build Your Audience: To expand your business, you’ll need to gain more exposure.

Build a Team to Delegate: As your business grows, you may find that your time and resources are limited, making it difficult to focus on growing your business. Once you start making about $2000 a month, consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle day-to-day tasks.

Build Your Sales Machine: The first way to build your sales machine is by setting up an automated email sequence. This is a series of emails sent to your email list based on pre-set time intervals or trigger-based automation. The goal is to either sell a low-entry digital product or book a strategy session with you. It’s important to focus on one CTA in your email sequence to avoid overwhelming your customers.

  1. Scale

Once your business has grown, it’s time to start scaling. Scaling means having the ability to grow without being hampered. It requires planning, the right systems, and a good team. Luckily, we’ve shown you how to acquire these, so we’ll continue and show you how to scale your business.

Scale Your Traffic: To keep making consistent revenue, it’s important to maintain a constant flow of new leads. Running an affiliate program is a very effective way to achieve this goal. However, it’s not a magic bullet — you need to dedicate time and effort to make it successful.

How to start an online business: The New System To Launch An Online Business

Scale Your Conversions: To increase your conversions, try launching more offers. More offers mean more revenue per contact, and customers who don’t like one offer might like another.


By following this system, you can successfully launch and grow your online business. Keep these points in mind:

  • Done is better than perfect — finish the task and take action to get results and learn.
  • Fail fast, learn fast — don’t be afraid to fail, as it will help you find the winning recipe.
  • Focus on strategy — you’re the entrepreneur with the vision to lead your business to success.
  • Remember that this is a great industry with many successful people — it’s possible for you too!

If you’re ready to start your journey, You can purchase the course through the following link:



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