An Overview of windows dedicated server

An Overview of windows dedicated server hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server is a powerful enterprise level software that is used to secure business communications, facilitate business management, and mediate online collaborations. This software is utilized by thousands of successful businesses every day, primarily because of its ability to simplify corporate communication and enhance overall productivity. Windows exchange hosting is a type of hosting service that includes Microsoft Exchange Server preinstalled on the web server, ready to be used for no additional cost. Microsoft Exchange hosting is ideal for online business owners that would like to take advantage of Microsoft Exchange Server, without having to invest $1000 on the software. The following information reviews the basics and benefits of Windows Exchange hosting.

Main Features of the Windows Exchange Hosting

The primary focus of the Windows Exchange hosting plan is to provide access to a fully functional copy of Windows Exchange Server, as well as the server resources the software needs to function optimally. Windows Exchange hosting providers offer comprehensive support related to the use of software, administrative server management assistance, and enough bandwidth and disk space to facilitate the creation, storage, and transmission of large amounts of data. With a Windows Exchange hosting solution you’ll be able to start utilizing Windows Exchange Server from day one, without having to pay an Internet technology specialist or tutor to teach you how to use it. In fact, many Windows Exchange hosting services include detailed tutorials and instructions for using the software.


The Cost-Saving Benefits of Windows Exchange Hosting

If you were to set up a Windows Exchange hosting solution yourself you would need to make several significant investments, both monetarily and temporally. First, you have to purchase a license of Microsoft Exchange Server, and install it on your Web server. In order to install such software, you would need to have access to a dedicated or virtual private server hosting solution, both of which are just as expensive, if not more expensive than a Microsoft exchange hosting service. On average, Microsoft exchange hosting providers offer services for about $10 per month per mailbox. Thus, you would have to have more than 200 employees to warrant investing the money for a private Web server and a license of Microsoft Windows exchange.

The Reliability of Windows Exchange Hosting

By choosing to utilize the services of a Windows Exchange hosting provider you are also ensuring the most reliable and stable platform for your business communications. These services usually utilize networks of VPS or dedicated servers, both of which provide extensive server resources and supreme stability. By choosing to purchase a Windows exchange hosting plan rather than host the application on a private Web server, you’ll also gain access to redundant Web server’s and multiple ultrahigh speed Internet connections through the state-of-the-art data center owned by the web hosting company. Thus, if an error occurs with the software or a Web server goes down unexpectedly, your data will immediately be transferred to a working server within the hosting environment.

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