Introduction to Dedicated Server Hosting

Introduction to Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server as the name suggests, is dedicated to just one customer or one business. It allows webmasters to have a full server that is not shared with others, allowing more customisation and resources. It hosts only your website! This means that all of the space and bandwidth on the server is yours and yours alone.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Introduction to Dedicated Servers

In dedicated server hosting, a server is leased out by the dedicated web hosting provider. It gives large capacity of hard disk storage space and depending on your plan, thorough on location technical support. Large websites can be easily maintained by using dedicated server hosting without hiring employees for the maintenance of the website. Dedicated server hosting gives an opportunity for customizing the server according to the need of the user. If a website requires customized option or dedicated resource due to increase in traffic then the webmaster should go for dedicated hosting.

There are several advantages of choosing dedicated server hosting. Users can maintain their websites without the need of purchasing or updating his equipment. User can purchase a package based on his own needs for hard disk space and data transfer allowance. If an upgrade is required for dedicated server, the same is provided from the web hosting provider. These servers are powerful, fast and have high-capacity. You can upgrade your server or even purchase another server which will prove to be cost effective. Upgrades usually take at least a day for service providers after submitting the required work order. Upgrades cost you less because users only have to pay a nominal monthly rental fee for new hardware.


Apart from these advantages there is one major drawback of dedicated server hosting and that is its high cost. Secondly, one has to be dependent on web hosting provider for most of the functioning of server. You will have to pay extra amount as penalty if you exceed the limited data transfer. Web host provider charges heavy fees not only for hosting but also for hardware on which the sites resides. For short duration dedicated hosting is good and cheap but for long duration it is very expensive. A user only owns the data which he uploads to the server and everything else is owned by the web hosting provider so, if the user is unhappy with the services he cannot run out of it.

The main concern when going for dedicated server hosting is that the user should have trust in the knowledge of the web hosting provider and the support provided by him. A webmaster should have a large website for which investing so much money can be beneficial. If the user is concerned about the safety and maintenance of the equipment and requires large bandwidth then he should go for dedicated hosting. It also provides good speed and up-time for the website which is very important for serious webmasters.

The dissimilarity between dedicated and co-location is that with a dedicated server, the user have remote access to the server and can customize it according to his needs. User does not have any physical access to the server. While in co-location you install the server at a different place and the provider provides the Internet connection and the required physical access. Dedicated server is similar to managed server except that managed server comes with the services provided by the web server provider.

Examples of dedicated hosting companies

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