fatcow web hosting review

fatcow hosting Review

FatCow is probably the biggest Green Hosting company around, suitable for small businesses and for personal use alike. It has some great built in features like One Click Installation of popular scripts (WordPress, Joomla, etc). A FatCow review would not be complete without looking at them in detail.

fatcow web hosting review

So you have found out a lot of things. They are a big name among web hosting services. They have been around since the earlier days of web hosting – since 1998 – and have managed to keep satisfying customers and grow their business ever since. They keep customers happy by making web hosting services simple, cost-effective, and reliable. Their team focuses on small-to-mid sized business customers, but the services that they offer are also cheap enough to satisfy the average individual as well. They go out of their way to avoid complicated “techno-babble” and pricing schemes. They offer a one-size-fits all plan (and it really does fit nearly anything), or a very simple plan called MiniMoo that includes nothing but a homepage and an e-mail address. Their focus on simplicity and user-friendliness puts them a step ahead of most web hosting providers(1).

fatcow features

FatCow’s one-size-fits all plan is “beefed” up with essential services and features. This is a true “one-size-fits-all” plan, because it includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited e-mail inboxes with webmail, spam filtering, and newsletter tools. Of course, these generous features are accompanied by all the useful services that facilitate development and implementation of modern web applications – PHP, CGI, MySQL (unlimited databases!), and Python are all supported by default. Each new plan that is purchased includes a free domain name (about a $10 value), and is backed by a money-back guarantee.

Other hosting companies:

They also offer all sorts of extra services and perks that assist with getting a website or online store setup, then publicized. Hosting accounts have tools built-in that allow point-and-click web design, easy assessment of analytics, easy use of Google webmaster tools, shared SSL for secure eCommerce, and all the payment and security features needed for online business activities. Plus, they offer auto-installation of popular bulletin board, blog, content management, and eCommerce applications. As an added bonus, they offer one of the most lucrative packages of advertising credits available in the webhosting industry at this time: $75 dollars of Google AdWords credit, $25 dollars of Yahoo/Bing Search Marketing credit, $50 Facebook Advertising credit, and completely free Yellowpages com listing. Websites hosted with them also benefit from free access to HubSpot’s Website Grader system, which helps you tweak your page to maximize search engine hits, and improve the number of viewers your site receives.

Of course, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles yet – they also offer a very simple package with nothing but a homepage and an e-mail address. This sort of site won’t attract very much attention, but it can be useful as a placeholder when first dealing with a company’s startup concerns.

fatcow support

FatCow’s support team (they call them the “Moo Crew”) follows a policy they call the “HeiferCratic Oath” (a pun based on doctors’ Hippocratic Oath). This policy ensures that the support team goes above and beyond what you could expect from any of their competitors. Firstly, they might be the only budget hosting company that reaches out to new customers directly, and makes sure that they understand the benefits and features of their new hosting plan(2).

fatcow web hosting review

Every new customer gets a phone call from a support agent within their first week of service. Further, the telephone support (available 24/7) is quite phenomenal. In addition to running a call center around the clock in the USA, their call center maintains an average call answering time of under 1 minute. This means that when you have a question, concern, or problem, you can speak with a real human being within seconds. The support staff will either correct any problem that you have immediately, or if it takes some time, they will follow up with you when the task is completed. In addition, the support team takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Each interaction with technical support is followed up by a short survey, which is always evaluated to ensure that the support team is doing their job well. If you ever feel like the support team isn’t living up to their oath (and their managers agree), they will credit you for the cost of one month of hosting service.

Uptime and Hardware

FatCow’s hosting services provide a high degree of stability, uptime, and redundancy. Their datacenter is run by 100% green wind energy most of the time, though it can rely on alternative backup power sources in the case of power outage. The datacenter uses the most advanced load-balancing techniques to ensure that websites and services can be accessed in a reliable manner. The datacenter is served by multi-gigabit connections, which means that visitors to your website will always be able to view pages and download data at breathtaking speeds. To prevent the loss of crucial data, they carry out automated daily backups of all the information contained on their servers, so even if hardware does fail, your website and data are not lost. Plus, all hardware (and the datacenter itself) are monitored by staff 24/7 for security and stability issues.

Other Advantages

Unlike many budget hosts, FatCow has been around for quite some time. They have a well-established record of quality and reliability, which offers a peace of mind that many web hosts cannot. Further, FatCow happens to offer a lucrative referral program – affiliate referrals pay up to $100 for each referral, and individual referrals from one customer to another potential customer pays for $10 in future hosting service. They even offer discounted reseller options for entrepreneurs that want to dabble in reselling webhosting services to other businesses or individuals(3).

Coupon Code and Pricing

At the time of writing, they are offering 50% off hosting plans by using the code 50OFF when signing up. This cuts the usual price of hosting ($7.33) down to $3.67 a month – an extreme bargain.


FatCow offers tremendous value for the prices that they charge, especially in terms of support services and advertising credit. Look at the FatCow review to see what others think about this. But most of all, their proven track record establishes them as a safe haven for hosting your website. At the prices that they are asking, passing up a hosting package would be hard.


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