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Greengeeks has received the best green hosting award for their consistent efforts in trying to create a sustainable online environment for their fellow customers. They are one of the few brands of web hosts who has decided to not only go green but also to provide a friendly web hosting service for its clients. As such, the remainder of this article will focus mainly on why Greengeeks deserves the Best Green Hosting award. Recent research has revealed that if the web-hosting industry does not move towards a more eco-friendly system, it will instead become as big a pollutant as the Airline industry, and this is not just subjectively speaking. Greengeeks has taken the initiative and already taken the first large step in attempting to promote a more eco-friendly environment. In fact, its website encourages clients to pursue other companies with eco-friendly web hosting systems even if they should choose not to employ the services of Greengeeks.

300 Percent Green Hosting

Greengeeks Greengeeks manages to help recreate a sustainable environment in the following way. It thrives by tapping energy from the central grid just like all other web hosting companies today to allow for a consistent power flow to their client’s servers and to ensure that they would not be interrupted due to a lack of power. However unlike most other web hosting services, they also purchase wind energy credits for each quantity of energy that is being consumed from the grid itself. In fact, by harnessing wind energy, the company is capable of replacing up to three times the volume of energy being consumed by it’s servers. As such, they are virtually able to claim that their web sites are indeed 300 percent green since they not only are able to cover the tracks of their carbon footprint but the respective footprints of others. As such, they may indeed claim that they are effectively helping to make web hosting and power systems greener instead of pollution the environment. This is one of the central reasons why their web hosting service is so noteworthy and deserving of the award.

Energy Efficient

In addition to the above, Greengeeks also operates on all their respective servers and reconfigures them using a special code such that they are able to run more efficiently using fewer energy and running coolers. The resultant effect is that much less energy is consumed on the server and much less energy is also required to cool down the system. This is an tremendous accomplishment in and of itself since most cooling systems would ordinarily consume a massive amount of energy by using cooling fans.

A Green Company

The company is in fact so green that employers will even take extra precautions to lower their respective carbon footprints at the workplace. Firstly, the company employs rigorous recycling services in their offices and also takes extra care to ensure that only legal and essential documents are actually printed out in an attempt to save more paper. In fact, any non-essential documents are immediately taken and recycled. In addition to the above, auto-lighting control systems are also put in place at their offices to ensure that the lights are not blaring when no one is present within the workplace. All pieces of office equipment is also powered down when they are not being utilized. Food and plastics are also being recycled consistently at Greengeeks’ companies. For instance, employees often are picked to take turns in bringing home-cooked meals into the workplace to help reduce the number of times that employees are forced to go out and eat. This not only saves on packaging by reducing the volume of paper, plastic as well as styrofoam containers and cups that are normally discarded but it also greatly reduces the quantities of wasted food in the long run. At Greengeeks, accessibility is also a key factor when employers are trying to determine which people should be hired to work in their respective companies. For instance, whenever the company chooses to hire a talented and skilled personnel that is not located within the vicinity of the main workplace, he or she is provided the luxury of working and telecommuting from home or a communal office nearby instead of attempting to relocate them. Such as action not only benefits its employees by allowing them to save on travel costs and commuting time, it also helps to reduce the volume of carbon emissions that motor vehicles are typically capable of producing.

Quality Web Hosting Service

Despite all these measures put in place to help promote an eco-friendly environment, Greengeeks does not compromise its quality of web hosting or its customer relations. For instance a large majority of customers have voted for the web hosting service by giving it either four or five out of five stars for many aspects of its services including its value for money, reliability and uptime, customer service, technical support, website features, storage capacities, bandwidths, technical response times and it’s ease of usage. Additionally many customers have also claimed that Greengeeks not only makes the transition from their previous web hosts to theirs swiftly and effectively, but also was able to make their brand new home on the web functional excellently and capable of loading much faster than they have ever experienced with other web hosting services. Last but not least, many customers have commented on the genuinely positive, resourceful and knowledgeable dispositions of many of the customers service members situated at the help desks. Most of the answers to the customers’ queries are provided in an informative, polite and timely manner and many of the common problems faced by customers regarding their technical difficulties or unfamiliarity with Greengeeks’ services are almost always resolved right away.


There are many other areas in which Greengeeks has worked exceptionally hard in to not only provide for a more sustainable service but to ensure that their customers always receives the best possible services in return for the time and energy that they have invested in the service. It is for all these reasons listed above that helps one answer the question as to why Greengeeks deserves the Best

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