Acorn Host or green hosting: An Alternative Web Hosting Solution for Non-Profits

Acorn Host – green web hosting: An Alternative Web Hosting Solution for Non-Profits

During the current harsh economy, many non-profit organizations find themselves reigning in on already frugal budgets, especially when allocating funds for social media outlets as well as launching and maintaining a website for the agency. The good news is that there are web hosts that specifically accommodate the needs of non-profit websites. One such web host is Acorn Host.

Acorn Host – green web hosting: An Alternative Web Hosting Solution for Non-Profits

Web Hosting Features

Acorn Host strives to accommodate the hosting needs of the non-profit community by graciously providing very affordable web hosting services for organizations on tight budgets to launch a web presence. The non-profit plans are basically similar as the regular hosting plans only at a cheaper price, however, there’s a limit on some features when compared to the regular plans.

The non-profit hosting package includes the following: 1GB space, 25GB Bandwidth, C-panel, multiple domains with a single account, unlimited e-mail boxes and FTP accounts, Webalizer /AWstats, FrontPage extensions, ionCube, Zend, mySQL, WordPress, Drupal, ZenCart, Ruby on Rails and 24/7 emergency customer support. Non-profit organizations opting for this hosting plan pays a relatively inexpensive price of $3.95 per month.

Who is Eligible?

It’s important to note that there are guidelines that dictate who qualifies for the non-profit hosting package. As a general rule those that are eligible must serve a public service mission including health advocacy groups, homeless shelters and environmental organizations. If you’re representing a non-profit agency, school or social service agency, or the organization serves the good of the public, you’re eligible. It’s also important to note that 501( c)(3) is not necessarily required to be eligible for the non-profit hosting plan.

Who is Not Eligible?

Although everyone would appreciate the non-profit package, unfortunately not everyone qualifies. Any individual seeking to obtain reduced non-profit pricing must serve the public within their mission and objectives. Users looking for a financial break that only want to build a personal website or establish a site for hobby or games does not qualify for non-profit plans.

Final Thoughts

For legit non-profits in need of cheap web hosting, Acorn Host is highly recommended among customers. Typically, accounts for new users are set-up within a few business hours once payment is received. After the account has been activated, the account holder should receive an e-mail notification complete with the login details. The non-profit’s domain should be registered with a domain name registrar such as DynaDot or Gandi. Regardless of which you opt to use, be sure that it’s a reliable and respectable provider.

Non-profit web hosting providers such as Acorn Host cultivate the perfect web hosting environment for even small non-profits to make a grand entrance onto the global stage.

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