Add-Ons That Will Save Your Web Hosting Business

Add-Ons That Will Save Your Web Hosting Business

To quote my grandfather, “Things is heating up all over!” Yep, Pappy, this economic climate sure is a nasty one: Advertising spots are being put on a premium, stiff competition from small-time hosts is getting nasty, and more and more users are ditching traditional hosting for WordPress.

Add-Ons That Will Save Your Web Hosting Business

With such oppressive conditions, how on Earth are you to improve your web hosting business’ numbers? Well, it’s not time to bring out the End is Near signs just yet: Use the following add-ons to up-sell to your customers, increasing their productivity and improving your marketability while raking in revenue cash.(1)

Video Conferencing:

Companies the world over are advancing video conferencing as a viable alternative to traditional travel. An over-the-Internet conference is cheap to free, whereas a plane ticket and a hotel room is anything but.

Video conferencing has grown in the workplace by 15% each year. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to walk ten feet in an office without finding someone on Skype. You should tailor your web hosting services to match. Include programs like Voxwire — which is our favorite video conferencing provider—in your standard features set. Voxwire makes it easy to collect revenue off your consumer’s streams, allowing both parties to win-out in the end. If Voxwire doesn’t sound like your thing, you can also try WebEx or GoToMeeting.

Search Engine Optimization:

If you aren’t on this one, then shame on you, Web Hoster Joe! Search engine optimization (or SEO) is one of the hottest topics around, and almost every web designer you meet will be worrying his head off about it. Thankfully, most SEO providers also include referral programs that will land cash in your pocket while making it easy for anxious consumers to streamline their sites.

All good web hosts should provide at least one recommended SEO service—some of the best offer three or four. Feel free to offer a basic program like the I Need Hits reseller brand, and if that just doesn’t quite cut it, look to create a partnership with a larger marketing firm. You never know what you’ll find until you start poking around, and even if you can find a freelancer willing to work for a flat fee, that will be just fine with your consumers.

Just remember that adding services for your consumers doesn’t have to be a painful (or expensive) process. By up-selling products to your users, you can earn cash via referrals, and strengthen your brand name, to boot.

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