A Comparison of Domain Registrars and Web Hosts

A Comparison of Domain Registrars and Web Hosts

When domain registration began, only one source offered this service, NSI. Despite the monopoly of selling top-level domain names, they remained in place until the late ‘90’s. Around this time there was an influx of domain registration companies that began to directly compete with NSI.

Those looking for an all inclusive, easy-to-use system should look toward web hosting providers.

Currently, there are hundreds of domain registrars that are accredited by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Over the years two types of domain registrars have emerged, domain registrar only services and web hosting providers.

Domain Registrar Only Services

Domain registrar only providers simply offer domain registration without any type of hosting package. There are still several available, but are seen as a dying breed. Clients want convenience so many find it a hassle to register the domain name at one site and find storage at another.

Domain registrar providers are more catered to advanced users. This method is often utilized so domain name registration and maintenance can be separated between storage space and domains. This is helpful for those that are building a large domain network.

Web Hosting Providers

On the other hand, web hosts offer the convenience of domain registration as well as hosting plans and packages in an all inclusive deal. Clients usually need both so this adds the extra ease of use function to their business model. There are many more web hosts than domain registrars.

Also, web host clients can search for available domain names directly from the hosting provider’s website. Once selected, within a day or two the domain name and hosting package are automatically setup; all in a few easy steps.

Redirection of Domains and Servers

Those that have an all inclusive plan may want to create a redirect to separate space from the domain name. This can be manually accomplished by redirecting domains to website content hosted servers. This is offered by web hosting providers so customer service can walk the client along, step-by-step.

Comparison Summary

Generally, domain registrars offer lower prices for each registered name. Also, depending on the need, separating domain name and server space can be beneficial. Those looking for an all inclusive, easy-to-use system should look toward web hosting providers. This will allow them to spend more time on developing content and creating the actual website.

As the internet expands and technology progresses, domain registrars will become a thing of the past. Web hosting providers are making the registration, creation and maintenance so easy that this is the most appealing option to most users. Due to an easy to use interface and excellent customer support, web hosting providers are at the forefront of website development technology.


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