Free Cloud Hosting from Hostzilla

Free Cloud Hosting from Hostzilla

Although other web hosts claim to give the most affordable website hosting services, there is one that brings a new meaning to the word affordable. If you are tired of paying your website hosting provider each month, then it may be time to switch to HostZilla. They are a new player in the world of web hosts, but offers something that no one else in the market offers, it can be yours absolutely free. Before you think it is too good to be true or that the features are limited, check out what they have to offer.

Free Cloud Hosting from Hostzilla

Free Cloud Hosting

The free Cloud hosting package offered by HostZilla has no hidden fees or start up cost, but it is free with only a few limitations. The disk space for this package is not unlimited, but instead 100MB. Now for most users, 100MB is plenty of storage, but in case you and your sites need a little more, you can choose to upgrade to unlimited disk space for only $15 a year. That comes to only $1.25 a month, and more than likely your current website hosting provider is charging you much, much more than that. The package also includes 100% network up-time, but with 99.5% assured server uptime. More than likely you are already experiencing less than 100% up-time with your current provider, but the difference is that you are paying for it. The free Cloud hosting package offers everyone one the chance to use a web host without paying anything for it at all.


There is another package if you feel that the free one is not right for your needs, but there are some standard features that come with HostZilla that you will love. With unlimited bandwidth, data transfer, email accounts, and domains absolutely free, HostZilla may just be the best free web hosting source that can be found. The cPanel for all your sites are also free, and offer over 24 different languages for you to choose from. There is no reason why anyone should ever pay for any of the basic of website hosting and they are the first site to truly understand that. Another standard feature is search engine submission. This feature submits your site(s) to 140 search engines, giving your site and profits a head start.

Premium Cloud Web Hosting

The standard features are amazing, but the team also understands that some sites will need more than just the basics, and when you are the owner and operator of a site that is large, website hosting can be extremely costly. For less than $5 a month and no more than $20 a month, you can signup for a premium website hosting package. These are the prices that other web hosts are charging for just the very basics and they are giving you all they have for these low rates. This premium package has all the space and resources even the biggest site will need, but if a great service at an extremely low rate wasn’t enough, they threw in a little more to sweeten the deal. After sign-up, you will receive up to a $75 credit for Google Ad words, up to a $50 credit with Microsoft AdCenter, and a free merchant account with Included is also 100% network up-time and 100% assured server up-time with Service Level Agreement. SLA guarantees that your up-time will always be 100%, and if for any reason this agreement is not meant by HostZilla, part or all of your money will be refunded. There is also an anytime money back guarantee so if for any reason your experience with them is not the best it can be, then you will get all your money back, no questions asked.

Joining HostZilla

If you decide to join the already big user base, you either will already have a site made, or need to start from scratch. They can help with no cost to you, and their website builder and website transfer is free. The website builder is very easy to use and the templates included are also free. Within only a few moments, you can have a professional and profitable website that cost you nothing to create. With other web hosts, the process of transferring existing sites can be both costly and time consuming. They take care of everything for you. They have a support team dedicated to just transfers called the Migration Department. The team transfers, free of charge, all domains, files, databases, and scripts, and have your site up and running hosted with HostZilla within 72 hours of contact. There really is no other free website hosting service that come close to them and the good feedback for HostZilla are proof.


Making Money

If affordable was not enough, you can even make money with HostZilla. One a few other web hosts offer the opportunity to resell their services to make a profit. They offer a reseller package ranging from $20 to $245 for you to choose from. A great thing about this reseller package is that all the money you make goes directly into your pocket. There is just a one time fee, but 100% 24/7 support. The reseller packages gives you all the best features that are included with both the free and premium packages, so your clients will have every tool and resource that they will ever need.


Security for your website and the personal information and data that is entrusted in you is very important, and HostZilla has done more than its website hosting competitors to provide you the highest level of security. SAL Security is provided, giving you and your visitors’ peace of mind. But to take security one step further, they doe not sell to all countries. There are some countries that do not have laws or procedures in place to fight fraud, making some countries very dangerous and more likely to commit fraudulent acts, so they have done the research and does not sell to those countries.


HostZilla maybe one of the best hosting sites on the internet, even though it has only been around for a short while. With all the best features, best security precautions, and lowest rates on the market, they bring a lot to the table and ensure that your website hosting experience with them is the best you have ever experienced.

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