A2 Hosting Review What’s Different?

A2 Hosting Review What’s Different?

There are a couple things that I usually focus on in my web host search, and one of them was the ability to use tomorrow’s technologies today. If you look at all of the major successes in the world you’ll see that they were the first ones to really innovate and push forward in their industries, and much of that had to do with looking for the best possible tools for the job and moving forward with them before anyone else was even considering it.

And that’s exactly what I found with Ann Arbor based A2Hosting.


If you need the most cutting edge – some would even say bleeding edge – technologies for your web apps or website, then you cannot go wrong in choosing A2Hosting to be your web host for today, tomorrow, and well into the future!

A2 Hosting Review Uptime

I wouldn’t call it a review without uptime stats. As with all the other hosts, I am tracking a site hosted by A2Hosting. My uptime monitor loads the site every 60 seconds to see if it’s online and how long does it take to load.

A2 Hosting Review 30 Days Uptime

The chart speaks for itself. It had an uptime of 99.93% uptime for the last 30 days.

A2 Hosting Review 7 Days Uptime

This one is for 7 days. The stats say it’s a 100% uptime. I guess the downtime was so brief that my monitor had to round it up to 100.

A2 Hosting Review 24 Hours Uptime

Now this last 24 hours doesn’t look good at all! They had a 2 hour downtime. Talk about bad timing!

A Look at Technology A2 Hosting

Look, we all know the tech world is moving at a breakneck pace – computers that are all the range and brand new today will almost always be horribly obsolete in 6 months, and the rate of technological innovation is only going to speed up. And while this is true in a million and one different industries, too many web hosting solutions were stuck in the old way of thinking and offering anything but modern solutions to current and future problems.


For someone tech-savvy this is not exciting. I like to choose a hosting partner that would help push me forward, if through no other assistance than giving me access to all of the high level and super new tools I needed to do whatever I wanted on the web.(1)

And that’s what A2Hosting brings to the table, and maybe the biggest reason I’ve been giving them a thumbs up. If you’re looking for technologies like…

  • The latest versions of PERL and PYTHON the moment they roll out
  • Constantly upgraded and updated MySQL technology
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SSD, and a ton of other cutting edge web technologies

…then you need to make sure you are tapping into the power of A2Hosting as your next web host. The advantage that you have over other companies and competitors in your space using even just the very last update to these technologies may seem small, but it’s proven to be significant to me every single time. Nothing has pushed my site and business faster than being a step ahead of the competition with my most important marketing tools on a regular basis, and it’s all thanks to A2Hosting. Besides all that you get the good old cPanel to manage your stuff.

Risks and Rewards of A2 Hosting

While having all of the latest and greatest tools and technologies to move forward with your web projects is all well and good, sometimes the first cowboy out there is the one that comes back with arrows in his back – but you’ll never have to worry about downtime or serious server problems when you choose to leverage A2Hosting with their 99.9% uptime record and guarantee.(2)

There is a second side to this coin, however, and like most things in the real world having the constant innovation advantage is not always an awesome thing. Sometimes it’s smarter to have the stable version of things to know that it will work, rather than being the first one out of the limb and seeing if it’s going to work out or not.

Final Words

Thankfully, A2Hosting has done a fantastic job of making sure that all of the tools and technologies – no matter how brand new – get fully vetted and are only accessible when they know you won’t be able to mess up your site or your business by leveraging them. This is a serious commitment on their part, but it has given all of their customers (me included) the peace of mind I need to know that I can leap before I look. This has allowed us to push harder and faster while other companies look to see what happens, only to see that we are only widening our lead. There is awesome power in taking calculated risks, and even doing so with your online web host can help change the game completely.

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