Codero hosting Reviews

Codero hosting Reviews

If you are the business owner of a small to medium sized business, you may need to develop a new website. If you are just beginning, the additional frustration of creating a website while starting up your business can be overwhelming. Codero is your web hosting solution.

Codero hosting Reviews

The Codero Hosting Difference

Codero is different than other web hosting sites. They are able to offer features including

No contracts

  • Customer service that is available 24/7/365 from industry certified experts
  • 100 percent uptime guarantee
  • Configurations that are fully customizable
  • Rewards points program
  • SAS 70 certified

Products and Services Offered from Codero Hosting

Codero offers some of the best products and services available in the market of web hosting including

  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Control panel options
  • Reseller hosting
  • eCommerce hosting
  • Small business services
  • Backup servers
  • Network services
  • Network configuration

Dedicated Hosting

The basic foundation of any hosting atmosphere is the server. The service is one of the most vital components in your IT world. When you server is dedicated to meet only your needs, and not shared by anyone else, you are allowed more flexibility. The dedicated hosting solution from Codero is designed for speed, security and scalability at a price that is sure to meet any business owner’s budget.

Codero offers their clients the brand names that are most demanded in the industry. Clients have the option of using Windows, Unix or Linux as their dedicated servers. All of these servers boast solutions that are reliable and efficient and support numerous applications that include messaging, virtualization, multimedia, high-volume transactions and so forth.

There are several levels offered for the dedicated server that include:

  • Dedicated server
  • Basic managed
  • Select managed
  • Premium managed

When your business increases and your company gains more traffic, you have the ability to add more sites, and upgrade to the next level of web hosting whenever you need.

Codero hosting Reviews

All of the accounts from Codero are housed in their primary data center located in Phoenix, Arizona and operates out of several other locations including Irvine, California, Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado. This offers more security, reliability and flexibility to clients.

Smart Servers

For clients that purchase dedicated servers and are qualified, they may receive the smart servers option. This is the latest technology available is server hosting. The smart server runs on hardware that is dedicated and provides that best input and output for local storage. The benefits of the smart servers include migrations that are fast and simple, one click do it yourself reboots and cloud computing flexibility.

eCommerce Hosting

For website owners that sell their products online, Codero offers eCommerce hosting. This allows the user to create a secure website to promote and assist with growing your business. Included in the eCommerce hosting are features such as the Pinnacle shopping cart that offers unlimited products that can be posted, layered navigation, unlimited payment options, full support of HTTP/SSL protocols.

If you are selling your products from a website, you will need to obtain a merchant account that allows you to accept payments. Codero offers merchant account solutions to meet the needs of businesses. A merchant account offers its clients a low cost, simple to use and put in place eCommerce solutions. This will allow you to accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks as payment from your customers.

Using ProcessingPoint, the current leader in electronic payment processing, clients will be able to receive their funds quickly and easily as well as have the option of being PCI compliant. ProcessingPoint can keep you and your business compliant with the rapidly changing credit card laws and rules by adding your merchant account in their PCI compliant environment.


Most merchant account providers will charge a setup fee, a percentage of the sales, and yearly fees. Codero merchant account services do not charge their clients enrollment fees or an annual charge. This will help you save money. They will also provide you with a free consulting that will help you gain the most success from your merchant account.

Plans & Pricing

Codero Hosting is a web hosting provider that offers a range of hosting services including dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and managed hosting. They specialize in providing enterprise-level hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes. In this article, we will provide an overview of the plans, products, and pricing available at Codero Hosting. For more detailed information, please visit their official website at codero.

Codero Hosting offers various hosting plans with different features and resources. They have four main hosting categories: Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Each category has different pricing tiers based on the amount of resources and features you need.

Here is a breakdown of the available plans and their pricing for each category(1):

Dedicated Servers

Plan NameProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
DS1Intel Xeon E3-12308 GB1 TB HDD10 TB$80/mo
DS2Intel Xeon E3-127016 GB2x 1 TB HDD20 TB$120/mo
DS3Intel Xeon E5-262032 GB2x 2 TB HDD30 TB$160/mo
DS42x Intel Xeon E5-262064 GB4x 1 TB HDD40 TB$320/mo

Cloud Hosting

Plan NameProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
Cloud 11 Core1 GB20 GB SSD5 TB$5/mo
Cloud 22 Cores2 GB40 GB SSD5 TB$10/mo
Cloud 33 Cores3 GB80 GB SSD5 TB$20/mo
Cloud 44 Cores4 GB160 GB SSD5 TB$40/mo

Managed Hosting

Plan NameProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
M11 Core1 GB20 GB SSD2 TB$78/mo
M22 Cores2 GB40 GB SSD4 TB$138/mo
M34 Cores4 GB80 GB SSD8 TB$218/mo
M44 Cores8 GB160 GB SSD10 TB$338/mo

Reseller Hosting

Plan NameDisk SpaceBandwidthAccountsPrice
R1100 GB1000 GB10$35/mo
R2200 GB2000 GB20$70/mo
R3300 GB3000 GB30$105/mo
R4400 GB4000 GB40

Partners with Codero Hosting

Codero has spent many years becoming one of the leaders in the web hosting industry, and pride themselves on the partners that they have made. Codero has affiliates with businesses including:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Find My Host
  • Web Hosting Rating
  • Microsoft WebsiteSpark Hosting Partner
  • Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Eco-Friendly Hosting

Codero is committed to providing the best web hosting in the industry while protecting our environment. Through their cloud hosting technology, users and businesses are able to save energy, save green, while meeting all of their hosting needs.


Codero is one of the top rated web hosting companies that allows businesses to outsource their hosting needs and allows them to still be in complete control of their technical environment. No matter what your business needs is Codero is able to provide world-class web hosting around the globe.

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