Dreamhost web hosting reviews

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Whether you are a blogger, a small business, or a large business, you understand the importance of having an easy to use website for your fans and clients. Unfortunately, designing an attractive website can be overwhelming and frustrating. If you are not a professional web designer, it may be confusing or expensive. The solution to your website needs is DreamHost. Currently, DreamHost hosts more than 500,000 sites, with their WordPress core for all types of bloggers and businesses.

Dreamhost web hosting reviews

There are three different accounts offered by DreamHost. There is DreamHost shared, dedicated and Virtual Private Server (VPS).

dreamhost shared hosting

This option is a quick and affordable way to get your website online. When people discuss web hosting, they are usually referring to a shared web hosting. This means that numerous customers’ websites are on one web server, and are shared among all of the customer accounts on the machine.

Shared web hosting is beneficial for website designers, bloggers, small businesses, and so forth. The benefits of the shared web hosting include:

  • User friendly features. Customers are easily able to manage their accounts from a browser that has an innovative, easy to use control panel. You do not need to be a web designer or a computer technician to manage your account.
  • Possibilities that is limitless. Customers can receive limitless data transfer bandwidth, storage, hosting domains, email, and so forth.
  • Technical support when you need it. DreamHost has expert technicians that are available through email, chat and on the telephone 24/7.
  • Functionality that is advanced. DreamHost allows you to write your own web applications using several different code languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, PHP5, and so many more.

One-Click Install

DreamHost features an innovative one-clock software installation that allows for an automatic setup of the top web applications to your hosting account. This also allows you to easily install popular plugins and themes. One-click software installation is available with all hosting accounts at no additional charge, it comes standard. This software will help you install and design a new WordPress account in just minutes, so that you are able to begin blogging as soon as you want.

dreamhost dedicated hosting

The dedicated account will be great for businesses or users who are advanced and run websites that contain heavy traffic, intense applications or databases that are complex. The dedicated accounts are a physical server that is accessible by only one DreamHost customer. The dedicated server is not CPU divide among several customers. This means that customers are able to use all of the CPU cores all at one for the best performance available.

dreamhost vps review, Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This DreamHost account has a walls a physical server into numerous virtual servers, which all contain a CPU and RAM amount that is protected and reserved. Virtual Private Servers do not compete for resources against one another for CPU and RAM, as it does with shared web hosting. This protects the customer in case of an increase in resource demand from other VPS instances and will not cause a decrease of performance in your database or your websites. This account also allows you to upgrade the amount of CPU or RAM that are required, so your website and hosting can grow as your company grows.

There are many benefits to having a Virtual Private Server, such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • No fees for going over
  • High control levels
  • User friendly

Virtual Private Server is a benefit to customers who have businesses that are experiencing a large growth increase, heavy traffic on their website, or have complex applications on their website.


DreamHost offers website hosting free of charge to non-profit and 501(c), (3) charitable organizations that are registered in the United States.

Complete Satisfaction

DreamHost is so sure that you will be satisfied with their shared web hosting, dedicated or Virtual Private Server accounts that they offer a wonderful guarantee. They are so committed to their customers being satisfied that every account comes with a 97 day money back guarantee. If for any reason DreamHost isn’t the easiest and quickest way to start, design and manage your website, they will offer you a refund. For a limited time, DreamHost will allow you to try their services for free for the two weeks.


To help you achieve the best in web hosting, DreamHost has partnered with many companies to help meet your needs including

  • WordPress
  • Openstack
  • Concrete5
  • Alchemy
  • Webassist

DreamHost has been in business for the past 14 years to offer their customers with a one-stop solution for the website needs with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited possibilities. Only $8.95 a month will provide you with hosting that is reliable, quick, easy and affordable. DreamHost will install your website applications, continue to keep it current and keep you where you where you need to be…online.

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