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Since 2002 Hostgator com has has provis very economical pricing, and the Best Reseller Hosting in the industry in our opinion. Hostgator’s cutting edge resources assists the neophyte, as well as many detailed options much desired by the experienced resellers. The hosting is provided by a solid company infrastructure from those that are pioneers of the field. C. E. O. Brent Oxley has taken a company that started with only three severs into a company that sets industry standards.

HostgatorBeing a reseller is no easy task, but with the tools Hostgator provides, it can make all the difference in the world. With unparalleled customer assistance, Hostgator has risen to the top in premium web hosting while still keeping their pricing low. As a Hostgator reseller you can have unlimited websites under your own brand name.

With Hostgator’s up-time guarantees you can count on your customer websites running 99.9% of the time. With safe harbor certification your data will always remain private in the ever expanding global network. The security of the host server is beyond compare to others in this field.

The ability to be able to update your plan to other formats is available as well as other options critical for a customer. Full website control is also given to the reseller. This gives them the ability to create a unique and dynamic profile to the public when selling their services.

Help is always around the corner with 24 hour service that is offered 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Hostgator wants to make sure that the reseller has all of the tools that they need to make an online presence. Some benefits of the program include sub domains, and of course email addresses. The only block that the reseller has is limited their imagination, Hostgator will provide the rest.

The program also provides several modules available to upgrade the web hosting. Many of the modules included in the reseller program allow a versatility unparalleled in the market.

Last but not least, an added advantage is the use of Texas Wind Energy to control the emissions of their servers. The company also purchases certified renewable energy credits. In the end, Hostgator wins hands down with Best Reseller Hosting because of their service, products, low cost, and green thinking towards the planet and its customers.

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