Bluehost Review: In For The Long Haul With Solid Uptime

Bluehost Web Hosting review: In For The Long Haul With Solid Uptime

The day has finally come where you can expect zero – and I mean zero – success in business if you don’t have a web presence. Sure, you used to be able to get by, barely, without one even just a couple of years ago, but the explosion in popularity of the web and mobile technologies like cellphones and tablets has changed all of that. Now you need a website – and a good one – or you can expect to get crushed like a bug from all of the global competition.

Bluehost Review: In For The Long Haul With Solid Uptime

But a good website is so much more than razzle dazzle design and slick technology – you need a web host that is going to reliably serve your site to the people you are driving to it every single day, and you need to know that you can count on them to help. I have been reviewing web hosts for years and Bluehost has continuously been among the best.

Finally! A high tech web hosting company that gives you unlimited everything – and I mean everything – while also making sure you have all of the tools to succeed with the help of cPanel!

Introducing Bluehost

When you’re looking or a web host, there are a couple of things you need to keep top of mind and some questions you need to ask. The first thing is whether or not the company is going to be around at least as long as your business is – and with Bluehost, you don’t have to worry. Established in 1996 and with over a million domains hosted on the service, you’re not going to find that Bluehost has up and left in the middle of the night leaving you high and dry.

The second thing is whether or not your web host sees themselves as a partner in your business that can help you accomplish your goals online or if they see you as a monthly ATM withdrawal and a paycheck to their bank account. Bluehost has been amongst the titans of the web hosting industry since before most of us knew what web hosting was, and you can count on them to provide you all of the tools you need to succeed. There unlimited everything plan is the best in business, literally offer you unlimited everything for one simple and super low price a month. There’s a reason so many people love and chose Bluehost, and I do too!

Bluehost cPanel

One of the things I liked best about Bluehost was the simple fact that I could just tell they weren’t looking to nickel and dime me for every service or all the help I needed – they have one simple plan that gives you the keys to the castle and will back you up in every way possible. Just look at the screenshot above of cPanel, they give you the whole package.

The Ultimate Test: bluehost uptime

I have gone through their website and there is no uptime guarantee stated, which is surprising because Bluehost fared quite well compared to the other web hosts. That said, it also means that they DO NOT GUARANTEE uptime.

I have tested Bluehost the same way I am testing all the other companies, I put a website hosted by Bluehost (not their homepage) into my uptime tracker. It checks the site once every minute and marks downtime with a red dot. The hree charts show three different time frames.

30 Days Uptime

30 Days: 99.92%

7 Days Uptime

7 Days: 99.91%

24 Hours Uptime

24 Hours: 100%

It’s quite good, I would definitely be proud of such a performance. Maybe they will put something up on their website after reading my review.(1)

No Upsells!

This is maybe the most impressive thing about the company, especially when you stack them up against the rest of the offers on the marketplace for web hosting. Too many companies like to look like they are giving you everything you need to run an online business, but when you start to build your site you’ll find that the host you’ve chosen is severely lacking – unless of course you don’t mind dropping more and more money in the process. I’ve left a handful of hosting solutions within days because of this practice, and I can tell you right now that Bluehost has never tried to pull this stuff – ever. I’ve been able to run:

  • A private blog for me and my family to share different things with each other
  • A time tracking web app to better run my outsourcing business and manage my online projects
  • A full blown e-commerce website to see if I had the chops to make it online (I didn’t, but that’s not Bluehost’s fault at all)
  • And a couple of other web projects without a single hiccup with the Bluehost service

This is not true of all the other hosts I’ve tried, and is a big reason why I am keeping a website with Bluehost for the lifetime of that site. Something would have to come along that was beyond perfect for me to switch, and even then I don’t think I’d be able to do it.

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All in all, if there was just a single web hosting solution that I had to use for the rest of my days, I’d pick Bluehost again and again with total peace of mind.

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