1and1 dedicated Server Hosting

1&1 ionos dedicated server hosting

1and1 is among the biggest hosting providers in the world. You can have up to 24 CPU cores with them. Plesk is included in the prices.

Some features:

Starting only at $59.99
Dual, Quad, Hexa Core Servers
Windows or Linux Operating System
Plesk Included
100 Mbit Connection
1and1 Dedicated Server Hosting

1and1 dedicated Server Hosting

1and1 is a web hosting company with more than 65,000 servers located in five data centers supporting over 10 million registered domain names and offering dedicated servers as well. They are one of the biggest providers of hosting services and their dedicated server packages enable customers to lease a physical (or dedicated) server for their hosting needs.

The advantage of a dedicated server is that it is not shared with other users and provides significant improvements in performance, administration and security. Servers can be managed by 1and1 or the user can undertake full (root access) administrator control.

One of the management features the company offers is the Recovery tool that enables users to access a Rescue Image of the server that can be downloaded through the internet for diagnosis and repair.

Dedicated server packages are available with Linux or Windows and the company offers a full range of server operating systems (more than most of their competitors) including CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, openSUSE and Ubuntu in both 32 and 64-bit versions. The company uses exclusively AMD processors in its servers.

The best value offering from the company is the Business I Plan which offers more services at a lower cost ranging to products such as its top package, Quad-Core XXL, which offers a massive 6000 GB traffic/month and 16 GB/RAM. As part of its dedicated web hosting package, the company offers a Premium software suite that includes a range of applications including Adobe Elements 5.0, Ulead GIF Animator and WISE FTP 5.0 among others. In addition you get receive several hundred dollars worth of PPC marketing vouchers for Google Adwords among others.


If you’re concerned about the environment, 1and1 dedicated servers offers green web hosting for environmentally responsible computing. The company has purchased renewable energy credits to offset its energy consumption and claims it will save 30 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

1&1 is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies with millions of customers.

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