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ASP (Active Server Pages) is a revolutionary programming language and platform that facilitates the creation of dynamic webpages that can utilize interactive components and respond quickly to visitor input. Unlike other similar programming platforms that allow you to create interactive webpages, ASP is a complete server-side scripting solution, which means it is much more reliable and stable. An example of components that are commonly amended and programmed using ASP are forms, search engines, blogs, calendars, e-mail modules, newsletters, polls, surveys, hit counters, and any other component of a webpage that is related to or dependent upon a site visitor’s actions. ASP also provides the additional advantage of being fully compatible with all browsers, thereby making it a universal scripting solution.

How to Find ASP Web Hosting Plans

Unfortunately, in order to utilize this unique programming platform, is absolutely necessary to have access to a web server that is compatible with ASP (a specific type of Windows web hosting). However, it is important to note that ASP Web hosting plans are not simply services that lease Windows web servers, as these plans usually already have Active Server Pages technology installed on the server and ready to be utilized. It is also important to realize that, while the majority of web hosting providers claim that their hosting plans are compatible with nearly all programming platforms, this does not mean that support for ASP is provided. Since ASP is such a powerful programming platform, it would be preferable to choose a hosting provider that specializes in this technology.

What Is an ASP Server?

An ASP server is simply a web server with the Windows operating system and the ASP scripting platform installed. Although Windows Vista and Windows 7 carries integrated support for ASP servers, older versions of Windows such as windows XP and Windows and the do not support ASP scripting. However, by utilizing a third-party software known as “Chili” (distributed by Sun Microsystems), it is possible to enjoy the benefits of ASP programming outside of the Windows operating system. Chili is basically a virtualization software that allows you to run ASP on other operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, or AIX. Although it would be ideal to host ASP scripts on a powerful web server (such as a dedicated or VPS server) in order to optimize functionality and performance, this versatile programming language is capable of being run on even a modest web server (i.e. – those offered with a shared hosting plan).

The Simplicity of ASP

Despite its extensive capabilities, the ASP programming platform is very similar to HTML, so even the most novice to intermediate webmasters should be able to easily transition into using this type of scripting language. In fact, even individuals that have no experience with web development should be able to learn ASP as their first programming language. Fortunately, it won’t require years of hard work to become an efficient ASP programmer, as there are many user-friendly interactive applications that simplify the learning curve significantly.

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